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Piano &
Music Foundations
Group Class

Join our Piano & Music foundations class, where kids can both enjoy a fun, creative and educational experience together. Please read below for more information:

- This class makes learning music foundation skills for kids fun!  

- Kids will be exposed to a variety of music genres and classic lullabies, which will train their auditory senses.

- This class will teach kids to read notes, play rhythms, learn musical terms and sing famous tunes!

- Kids will have the opportunity to learn how to play the piano and engage their motor skills.

- They will be encouraged to improvise and create music, lyrics and stories!

- This class will incorporate activities to enhance solfége recognition, stimulate creativity and improve rhythmic instinct. 

- For toddlers ages 4 - 6 year olds.

WHY Piano & Music Foundations CLASS for Toddlers? Studies show that... 


  • Music improves the sensory development of young children


     Music stimulates senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Sensory activities encourage a child to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.


  • Music Helps Improve Literacy Skills 


      Music instruction improves awareness of distribution and patterning in language (speech, sounds and pronunciations). Through phonological awareness, children learn to associate sounds with symbols, and create links to word recognition and decoding skills necessary for reading.

  • Music Encourages Math Skills


       A huge part of learning music is rhythm! Rhythm is essentially the mathematics in music. Performing music reinforces parts of the brain used when doing math. There are studies which show that children who play instruments are able to solve harder math problems better, than peers who do not learn music.


  • Music Helps Improve Your Child’s Mood

      Learning music stimulates different parts of the brain and hearing music causes the release of pleasure-causing chemicals in the brain which reduces stress, anxiety.

  • Music Is a Great Tool for Improving Coordination and Gross Motor Skills


      Physical coordination is a huge part of playing instruments. It trains people of all ages, especially babies and toddlers, timprove their motor skills.  


  • Music Is Social


      An important part of Mommy & Me is the group setting. In this learning environment, interaction is very present through                  communication. Rhythmic patterns also requires a team effort, in addition to physical and verbal skills.

  • Bonding Time 

      Mommy & Me classes is a productive and educational session, which also allows parents / guardians to bond with their                  babies and toddlers!



  • Music Can Help Your Child Develop Coping Skills and Process Emotions


       Music invokes empathy and vulnerability, therefore improving emotional awareness where children enhance their ability                 to translate physical sensations to emotions.































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