Chamber Music 

What are Chamber Music (group) lessons / coaching?


- It is an opportunity for students to collaborate with their peers who study other instruments.

- Chamber Music allows students to explore repertoire that they would not be able to learn in private lessons.

- It is an opportunity for students to form an appreciation for other instruments. 

- Students will get the opportunity to rotate group members and coaches, in order to get exposure to a variety of different instruments, repertoires , perspectives and music styles.

- It is an opportunity for growth in social development and team building. 


Who is eligible to sign-up for Chamber Music lessons?


- Any instrumentalist and any classical voice types.

- Intermediate / Advanced students who do not take private lessons at Konomi Music Center, but have been taking private lessons, or learning an instrument (including classical voice), for at least 3-4 consecutive years.

- Students who do take private lessons at Konomi Music Center, who qualify as intermediate / advanced level students at the center. 

- Students ages 9 and up.


*Please make an inquiry to get more detailed information about our chamber music (group) lessons program. 

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