About Harps

The harp is a stringed instrument, with individual strings attached along its soundboard. It is one of the oldest instruments , almost dating back to 3000 BC. There are different kinds of harps - Folk, lever, celtic, Pedal. Most commonly, the lever harp and pedal harp. The modern, "double-action" concert (pedal) harp was developed in 1811 by Sébastien Erard. Konomi Music Center offers instruction in both Lever and Pedal harps. Please read below for more information. 

Lever Harps: 

- Recommended for students ages 5 and above.

- A lever harp is smaller in size, it has a range of 27 - 38 strings and allows the harpist to play in a limited amount of music keys.

- Its soundboard is smaller in width, resulting in a smaller sound.

- Uses a lever mechanism to adjust keys.

- Options of detachable legs to adjust its height.

- The instrument can be found in a large variety of colors. 

Pedal Harps: 

- Recommended for students ages 9 and above.

- A pedal harp is much larger in size (usually 5 - 6 feet in height), it has a range of 46-47 strings and allows the harpist to play in all music keys.

- Uses a pedal mechanism to adjust keys.

- Its soundboard is wider, resulting in a larger sound. 

- The instrument can be found a variety of colors and engraving designs.